How to Juggle Multiple Offers–Success

Dear Evil HR Lady,

After what seems like an interminable period of job-searching, I finally have a job offer in hand. Yeah! The salary is good (although not spectacular), but it’s a job I’m very interested in doing and it’s a good fit. I’ve known the hiring manager for years and am excited about it.

However, last week I interviewed for another job which would also be a spectacularly good fit, and most likely more money. They told me I was one of three very strong candidates. I was the first of the three to interview…

I have a job offer — do I tell other companies? – CBS News

Would you believe that with the modification of maybe three adjectives, this describes my current situation perfectly? Yes, I’ve known the hiring manager for years. Yes, I was the first to interview at the other place. Uncanny! (I found your column by Googling a description of my predicament.)

So I took your advice and it worked like a charm! Very professional counsel, thank you!

This email made my day. I love to hear when people have actually been helped by my advice. So, thanks for sharing!

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