The Top 10 Signs Your HR Manager is Actually A Dalek

1. There are an awful lot of plungers in the back of the HR office.

2. She doesn’t conduct investigations by talking, but by extracting brainwaves.

3. Her bumper sticker reads “I killed a bunch of Time-Lords and all I got was a lousy bumper sticker”.

4. She fights your FMLA and ADA claims by saying she doesn’t trust the Doctor.

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6 thoughts on “The Top 10 Signs Your HR Manager is Actually A Dalek

  1. I LOVE this post. I’m a newbie Whovian, but a crazy sci-fi fan. Back when the second trio of Star Wars movies was released, I was working at a large stuffy pharmaceutical company in SF, and they hired an especially vile woman to run the department of four cool, mellow women I was in. Well, we basically all quit eventually and told her boss why on the way out (they didn’t fire her until a year later, after all the good people had left). One of the women and I have become life-long friends, and during that period we ran around the 30-something story high-rise in downtown with fake lightsabers, fighting our boss “Darth Marla”. You know, you gotta do what you gotta do to fight and survive evil. We didn’t use her name when she was around, but everyone else knew her. She spread like kryptonite through that office. A few short weeks after her arrival, someone I never knew before said to me after I got on the elevator from the floor I work on, “Do you work with Marla? I’m so, so, so sorry.” I think those types of women, who are so insecure that they run around telling everyone that they know all, are truly Daleks or maybe Dark Lords in training…. Thanks for the LOL today – I needed it!

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