Performance Reviews Stink. Do This Simple Thing Instead

Do you hate annual review time? I ask because tomorrow is September, which means that there are only 30 days left until 4th quarter, which is when most companies do the dreaded performance review process. From a personal standpoint, I hate performance reviews. I hate writing them. I hate getting them.

From an HR standpoint, I love having documented evidence (always got to think of the legal side of things!) about someone’s performance. But, as someone who used to have the responsibility of ensuring that everyone in a 30,000 person company had a proper performance rating, the paperwork behind that is staggering and awful. (Even when everything is electronic “paperwork” it’s still awful.)

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2 thoughts on “Performance Reviews Stink. Do This Simple Thing Instead

  1. This is an interesting approach, and even though when you first read it, it seems to mean more “paperwork”, on the long term, it is definitely more effective. Performance reviews cause a lot of stress and if they are not done in a correct manner they are completely useless (or can only be used for legal issues, and not for the company’s productivity). I also like the idea of allowing managers to conduct their own reviews, but at the same time it is important to make sure they fully understand the concept and don’t act randomly to simply get the things done.

  2. Racism in the work place. One white girl is being targeted by three black girls. I know the white girl and she would not have said these things plus she denies it of course. All employees have been employed here nine years or more. What to do?

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