What I Learned When I Had to Miss Star Wars

I had tickets to see Star Wars last night. I’ve had these tickets since November 9th. I’m not exactly a super fan (read: I don’t own any light sabers and my hair is too short to do the Princess Leia buns), but I do thoroughly enjoy the first three movies. (The second set? Meh.) So, I was very excited to go.

Then my daughter got hit by a tram. Luckily, it was pulling into a stop and so wasn’t going fast and she only ended up with two badly hurt ankles and a trip to the emergency room. So, while my friends were enjoying Star Wars, I was in the emergency room. Here’s what I learned.

Uber is the best thing ever.

We live in Switzerland, where public transportation is awesome. We don’t own a car. The tram stop is a mere 3-minute walk from our house. But, when you have two injured ankles, that is not a pleasant trip. Taxis in Switzerland cost a bloomin’ fortune, and I didn’t want to call a friend because then this poor person would feel obligated to sit with us at the hospital. So, I downloaded the Uber app and requested a car. Four minutes from clicking “order” to the Uber driver being at my door-and we live in the suburbs.

To keep reading (although, it’s a bit old and our trip to the ER was 3 weeks ago!), click here: What I Learned When I Had to Miss Star Wars

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10 thoughts on “What I Learned When I Had to Miss Star Wars

  1. OMG! Best of luck to your daughter to heal well! I hope by now she is walking with little to no pain.

    1. She’s doing very well. Fortunately, the young heal quickly. She has a follow up appointment tomorrow.

  2. What I learned by reading this post:

    1. That I should try Uber at least once.
    2. That I want to live in Europe even more than before. *whimper*

    Hope the kidlet is better now and that you get to see the film, because it was great!! 🙂

  3. I hope she is feeling better, and I’m so glad it wasn’t more serious. I won’t spoil the movie, but I saw it New Years Day after the crowds had died down. I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s so much better than any of the movies in the second Lucas trilogy, but it does suffer from being a bit unoriginal, derivative and predictable. While it is no where near as good as the original Star Wars movie, it is much better than any of the Episode I, II, or III movies (disclosure, I don’t own a lightsaber, either, but I do own a few Star Wars memorabilia items, so I think that qualifies me as an official nerd).

  4. Oh Suzanne! I am so sorry about your daughter. I hope she is feeling better. Being hit by a tram must have been very scary for her – no matter how fast it was going. I’m glad you work from home and on your own schedule so that you can spoil her during her recovery. 😉

    I hope you have had a chance to see Star Wars since this horrible incident. I had so much fun when I went with my best friend from childhood. I AM a nerd, and it is the best of the seven.

    I agree SO much about technology and the ER. I used to go to the ER often for migraines (they won’t help me anymore, so now I suffer alone at home – a whole other interesting American story I will tell you about if you like), and I was always so encouraged when I posted to FB and everyone sent me sweet messages. My ER doesn’t have cell service, so texting and FB is your only way to feel like a real person while suffering the indignity of hospital gowns and being poked and prodded….

    Again, I so hope your daughter and the rest of your family are well and had a wonderful christmas and new year!!!!! Looking forward to many many evil posts in 2016….

    1. I’m so sorry about your migraines. My nephew has chronic almost daily migraines. They’ve tried everything and nothing is working. They are debilitating and devastating.

  5. I should note that I have now seen the movie. I liked it. I also like following @KyloR3n and @verylonelyluke on Twitter. Hilarious.

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