Why You Should Be Scared of Love at Work

Can love at the office work out? Of course, it can, and it does, and many couples live happily ever after. But, if you’re the boss, should you be concerned about office romance? You betcha.

No boss wants to play chaperone to a bunch of grownups, but the reality is, romances can wreck havoc not only on company morale but be legally sketchy.

It’s something every business needs to think about. Vault.com released its annual Office Romance Survey, and there are some things of interest for all business owners and managers-and individual contributors.

Lots of romance at work

16 percent of respondents said they’ve not only dated someone in the office but dated a superior.

23 percent of respondents said they’d dated a direct report.

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One thought on “Why You Should Be Scared of Love at Work

  1. Engaging in an office romance is like walking through a minefield wearing snowshoes. True for both parties as well as the employer. Yes, the dreamy-eyed participants might be lucky, but true professionals never believe in luck, and act accordingly.

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