What Is the Meaning of HR Confidentiality?

Want to know what confidentiality really means in HR?

Human Resources practitioners online receive frequent emails from employees that say, “I had a problem, so I went to HR. I told HR, and they told my boss, and now my boss is mad at me. Isn’t HR required to keep everything confidential?“

It’s easy to see how people can think that. HR deals with a lot of information that should be confidential. For instance, they handle health insurance (although, they aren’t subject to HIPAA regulations except in cases where companies are self-insured), the handle salaries, and they handle discipline.

An employer would fire any HR person who shared information about any of these topics without authorization and a good reason. But what about other things?

Some things HR has to act on, and that means they can’t keep your information confidential. Shocked? Well, here are some of the things that HR must act on.

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  1. A consideration I would review is how insurance covers the employee in the event of accident or injury if the company considers employee in work status versus paid time off status. The insurance answer could help develop a solid policy for the organization.

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