3 Creative Ways to Boost Your Career During Your Commute

The average American commutes 24.5 minutes to work—that’s nearly an hour a day. Some may see their commutes as a hassle, but the truth is, a commute can be a great opportunity to dedicate time to activities you normally don’t find time for at home or work.

In fact, if you use these in-between moments wisely, you could give yourself a career boost (not to mention have a great time while doing it). How? Ditch the morning radio, your Spotify playlist, or scrolling through email and start using your commute to learn something new.

Join the Podcast Craze

Podcasts are the mature version of talk radio. Instead of being obsessively focused on politics or pop culture, like most radio or talk shows, podcasts cover everything. You can search for something related to your field specifically, but here are some ideas to get you started.

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