Should You Have Weed in Your Breakroom?

Marijuana is big business and big news. Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton announced that she’d support medical marijuana, Whoopi Goldberg is starting a business with THC laced edibles marketed to women, theoretically for menstrual pain, and the FDA greenlighted double-blind trials for marijuana as a treatment for PTSD.

So, marijuana doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon, and it might have landed in your breakroom. And in some cases, the company even put it there. Good idea? Bad idea? Flat out, as an HR person, I’d tell you that you don’t want any mind altering substance (other than caffeine, and even that has some questionable effects) available on your property. Whether you allow your employees to drink alcohol or smoke marijuana or partake in Whoopi’s new PMS treats, you’re putting your company at risk.

If an employee gets in her car and crashes into someone else after getting high at work, the lawyers will be looking at your pockets.

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2 thoughts on “Should You Have Weed in Your Breakroom?

  1. Absolutely not. Using any substance in the workplace that can affect mental processes, eye-hand coordination, etc., should be forbidden. Weed, illegal drugs, alcohol, psychotropic drugs prescribed by a physician, and others have no place in a work environment.

  2. Oh boy, here I go. I’m pro pot, but I’m not for allowing drinking, aka beer thirty, or weed being offered like a snack in the workplace. But, I’ve known people over the years who are uber productive on weed – they smoke it when they get up, at lunch, and after work and are highly productive. I’ve also worked with alcoholics who drink during the day and can function, but it scares me that they get in their car and drive after work. You never hear about stoned drivers killing people, but I won’t get into that. it affects everyone differently and there’s many different strains on top of that – some give you a lift and some make you like a zombie. Myself, I smoke in the evening, it relaxes me and stops my mind from going a million miles a minute, among other things. Keep in mind also, those that use it medically can use low THC high CBD strains, tinctures and oils, like my kid does for epilepsy. So having it out in the break room? I’m not there yet, but there’s probably industries where it’d be ok.

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