Top 10 Annoying Water Cooler Topics

Do you have annoying co-workers who spill way too many beans around the water cooler? (Or coffee pot, depending on your office culture.)

I asked my readers for their top annoyances and comprised  list of the top 10 over at Inc. Right after I published, I got another one where one of my readers confessed to being the annoying one as she complained about her husband’s parrot.

To read the other 10, click here: The 10 Most Annoying Water Cooler Conversations


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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Annoying Water Cooler Topics

  1. Yeah sometimes the weekend updates get annoying. Maybe I had a one night stand (when I was younger). Maybe I went real estate hunting for something you can’t afford. Maybe I binge exercised and did a bunch of housework and bills and even I’m bored listing out the activities. Who cares!

  2. Our office doesn’t even have a water cooler… Only another team has a small coffee machine right beside the desk of a senior manager, and you have to pay for every small coffee anyway. Employees without direct business/tasks with each other never talk, nor know each other’s name in most cases. Ah well, the joy of Japanese open-plan offices.

  3. my weekends are chasing a toddler and catching up on housework that was neglected during the week, so no, I didn’t do anything fun this weekend. And I’m getting increasingly annoyed at being asked. I haven’t acted on that, though; instead, I mumble something about laundry/chores/quiet weekend.

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