New Law in MA: No Asking About Salary

Everyone is talking about this. In fact, I’ve talked about it before. But, it’s worth looking at again, to understand why this law can possibly help with salary discrimination. Frankly, I don’t think it needs to be a law, but I do think it needs to become part of the culture. But, as I like to remind you, when companies continue to do stupid things, eventually government tries to stop them. This is one of those cases:

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2 thoughts on “New Law in MA: No Asking About Salary

  1. I agree that this should be part of the culture, but if it’s legislated, I sure won’t complain. Don’t pay me based on my worth to my FORMER employer. Pay me what I’m worth TO YOU!

    And, duh, crappy pay may be the top reason I’m looking!

  2. Good article; hits a few high points I’ve pushed from the interviewee side a few times.
    As Jill points out, it shouldn’t make a difference what one is making right now.
    Any business advertising a position should have the salary range figured out before advertising, plus an understanding of what the high end candidate must bring to the table and the low end candidate. Anyone actually being interviewed should have at least the minimum requirements (otherwise a waste of time for both parties), then the offer letter reflects where in the range they fall. What if a candidate has the skills (and can back them up) to meet the high end, plus they bring more? The business needs to have a flexible enough policy to offer more than the high end.

    As for the law, asking “how much is your current salary”, always seemed like a stupid question, because probably 95% of the folks asked will not be truthful, but will tell you what they think they should be paid (basic human nature).
    Asking “what are you salary requirements for doing this job, the way it’s laid out” is better; it gives the interviewee the chance to give a minimum required figure, plus a dream figure. Most people are scared to do this because if they get an offer near their minimum, they feel cheated.

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