Florence Henderson died on Thanksgiving Day, 2016. She was best known for her role as Mrs. Brady on The Brady Bunch, a show that had a relatively short run but somehow got embedded in our culture for a very long time. As a child of the 70s, I’ve probably seen every Brady Bunch episode numerous times. Here is some of the wisdom of Mrs. Carol Brady, played by Florence Henderson.

1. Don’t Let the Past Get You Down.

One weird thing about The Brady Bunch is that the past spouses of Mr. and Mrs. Brady are never mentioned. While this is weird from a psychological standpoint (dead, divorced, don’t the kids miss their other parent?), Mrs. Brady didn’t let that hold her back. She didn’t pine over her former husband. (Florence Henderson joked “I killed my husband. I was the original Black Widow,” but the show never said, and we know that Mrs. Brady is too nice to kill anyone.) Regardless of the reason, she didn’t mope, she moved forward.

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Also, I think this was one of Ms. Henderson’s best roles, ever:

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One thought on “10 Life Lessons from Mrs. Brady

  1. Many years ago we were at a Los Angeles area (small) theater for a Gershwin retrospective. The one man show actor asked people to shout out their favorite tunes and he would sing them during part of the show. When a woman shouted out a title he asked her to stand and it was Florence Henderson. She joined him in the song and was fantastic. I think there’s some moral to that story about not being defined by what people think of you because, like you, we all thought of her as Carol Brady first and not as the well rounded performer she really was.

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