My boss told me she is resigning. She has given a month’s notice, says she is leaving for a position that will help her grow professionally and still seems to have great relationships with her peers and boss, so I do not think this is necessarily a sign of something wrong with the company. This change impacts me greatly because the department is just the two of us and we’ve worked so well together. Will my new boss be as transparent and flexible and interested in developing me professionally as my current boss? What will I do if we don’t work together well?

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2 thoughts on “My Boss is Leaving the Company

  1. If you and your boss — just the 2 of you — constituted a work unit, then you have a tremendous opportunity to forge a positive work relationship with your new boss, who will greatly need your experience and knowledge base in order to acclimate her/himself into her/his new position.

  2. Any chance that you want your manager’s job? If you are interested I would certainly let boss and boss’s boss know that, because then you could become the great boss and help hire someone that you can train and with whom you can forge the great relationship that you have with your current boss.

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