Managing isn’t all about hitting targets

The most important thing a manager does is make sure the work is getting done on time and on budget. Of course, these two things are critical for success, but managing the people is also very important for a successful department.

If you’re not preparing your employees for their next step in their careers, you’re only doing half your job and you’re doing a disservice to your company.

To read about it, click here: Managing results is just half the leader’s job.

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One thought on “Managing isn’t all about hitting targets

  1. My question is where are the companies that allow this to occur in their employees? Other than Silicon Valley, most companies only reward the CEO’s who make the most profit for the shareholders. I totally agree that the best benefit one can give employees is development of job performance to their fullest potential and eliminating job insecurity based on profits for the bottom. No employee cares about profits that don’t overflow to the employees.

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