When Someone is Rude to You, Respond Like a Mormon

Utah is a reliably red state–most presidential candidates ignore Utah because no matter who is running, they are going to vote Republican. But this year, a presidential candidate called Evan McMullin has thrown the state into the mix. The little-known candidates, who is not even on the ballot in all 50 states, is running neck and neck with Trump and Clinton.

This is angering some Trump supporters, who think that Utah should have guaranteed Republican electors. Well, Trump supporter Lou Dobbs kind of lost it on Twitter:

Well, rude, calling McMullin a Mormon Mafia Tool. And the Mormon Mafia responded. Let how they responded be a lesson to you. (I’m including tweets here that weren’t in the Inc article, just because there are so many awesome ones)

To read the rest of the Inc article, click here: When Someone is Rude to You, Respond Like a Mormon

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3 thoughts on “When Someone is Rude to You, Respond Like a Mormon

  1. Dobbs just looks like an idiot making such a stink over a candidate that isn’t even on the ballot in most states so the chances of him winning are near impossible. Why make yourself look like a jerk for a “problem” that will essentially solve itself?

  2. My Grandmother’s favorite strategy with a nemesis was to “kill them with kindness.” I’ve adopted her strategy and it works every time.

  3. I am not Mormon, but have lived next door to (the vet on our base in Panama was Mormon) and worked with Mormons. I arrived in Rotterdam after flying all night and had a huge suitcase on the train and four Mormon kids (missionaries) insisted on carrying it for me.

    The Mormons I have met are the nicest people in the world.

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