Do You Hate Office Christmas Parties? Here’s Why

Christmas parties are supposed to be fun. Or, Holiday parties, or end of year parties, or whatever your place of employment calls it. It is supposed to be fun for everyone. But, they aren’t. And sometimes, we just can’t stand the party. I’ve put together a list of 10 reasons why your employees aren’t so happy about spending that special time of year with you and all their co-workers.

To read it, click here: 10 Reasons Why Employees Loathe Holiday Parties

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2 thoughts on “Do You Hate Office Christmas Parties? Here’s Why

  1. I hate all types of company parties because of all the reasons listed above plus the fact I tried to not take certain individuals into what I call my personal friendship group. I worked with many people with whom I was friendly at work but had no contact outside of work. My other biggest peeve about office parties was those potluck ones where I would bring an item but because my work duties didn’t allow time to join group, I would never see or participate in enjoying but all those employees who did the least amount of work would be partying hearty. I would also be stuck with the cleanup after they made pigs of themselves. So to all those parties. I say Bah Hum Bug

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