Expert: IBM Made the Right Move in Forcing Everyone Into the Office

Last week, IBM told employees that full-time telecommuting was done and everyone would need to work in one of six offices. I strongly denounced this change as short-sighted. Bruce Hall, President and CMO of Eureka! Inventing, disagreed with me. He points out that making long-term company direction decisions based on the current crop of employees may not be the best plan.

Hall believes that company mission is the most important thing. He says:

As an innovation and growth consultant for some of the best companies in the world (Procter & Gamble, Hallmark, Pepsi, American Express, etc.), I have come to realize that the “mission” is the most important factor to determine long-term success. When employees are not physically in the same location or in groups it is very challenging to keep the mission alive. They must spend time with each other to reinforce the mission, build passion and have a singular focus on the mission.

While Hall and I disagree that being in the same office is necessary to building a team, I do agree that being together physically is helpful. That’s why I prefer a part-time telecommuting situation, where you’re in the office sometimes and at home sometimes. That gives you the best of both worlds.

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