Need Help? Here’s What Your HR Department Can Help You With

HR has a bad reputation. (See title of Blog.) But there are lots of things your human resources department can help you with. Some of these you may know about and some of them might be surprises to you.

Even bad HR people should be able to help you with some of these things, and great HR departments (they do exist! I’ve been in several!) will really be helpful.

To read all about it, click here: 10 Things HR Departments Can Do For Employees

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One thought on “Need Help? Here’s What Your HR Department Can Help You With

  1. Loved the article at the Balance. In my career I frequently deal with people who have experienced poor treatment at the hands of employers. It’s interesting to note that many of them are largely unaware of the role that HR plays in keeping employers honest as well as the obligations HR has to workers. No doubt this lack of understanding is due in part to issues of trust, and the fact that HR is closely aligned with the company. But it’s good to see bloggers publish articles like this that discuss some of the duties HR is charged with. Thanks for sharing!

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