Why You Should Absolutely, Positively, Work From Home Today

Yesterday, in most of North America, people lost an hour of their time. Unless you’re a person who goes to church or work on Sunday, the time change didn’t really hit you until you woke up this morning. Or, rather tried to wake up, because it’s freaking early.

So, work from home today if you can. Not just because it will allow you to sleep a little longer and wear your bathrobe and sip hot drinks while you work, but because it will keep you safe.

See, one of the big problems with springing forward is that people drive while tired. And tired driving is one of the largest causes of car accidents. One study found a 17 percent increase in car accident deaths the Monday  after daylight savings time begins.

hat’s a huge increase, and a dangerous one. If you can at all avoid being on the road today, avoid it. Or at least go in late after everyone’s woken up. If you can’t avoid it, here are some suggestions to keep yourself safe on the road.

Shine some light in your face.

It may be quite dark when you wake up and leave the house. That doesn’t help you stay awake. WebMD suggests light and lots of it. The light will help convince your body it’s time to be awake.

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2 thoughts on “Why You Should Absolutely, Positively, Work From Home Today

  1. I hate daylight savings, but rather than working from home doesn’t it make sense to set the alarm earlier than usual at the weekend and gradually adapt?

    1. That might help you adjust, but it won’t protect you from all the other sleepy-heads on the road.

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