McDonald’s New Application Method Will Make Your Teen Want to Apply

Who wants jobs as a fast food restaurant? Teenagers and young adults, of course. Where do you find teenagers? Well, if my teen is any indication, on Snapchat. The vast majority of Snapchat’s 158 million users are between the ages of 13-34, with the largest group of those being 18-24. Just the age range for people looking for entry-level jobs, which is what most McDonald’s jobs are.

McDonald’s Australia (who rebranded there as Macca’s in 2013) announced that they’d be accepting applications via Snapchat. Users can upload a short (10 second) video with a filter that puts them into a McDonald’s uniform. From there, the recruiters will decide whether or not to move the candidate to the next step–filling out a digital application, according to Business Insider.

Great move or gimmick?

The short answer is yes. It would not be a great move for, say, an accounting firm, or your local hospital that is recruiting a new surgeon. But, fast food is where a lot of people start out their careers, and it’s not that they have huge resumes to consider. Just about every teen and adult is capable of performing the work at McDonald’s so it really is personality that will make the difference.

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3 thoughts on “McDonald’s New Application Method Will Make Your Teen Want to Apply

  1. Since a 10-second video showing the applicant in a McDonald’s uniform would be the sole criterion for moving them to the next phase, the “cautions” stated in the article are legitimate concerns and would make this process a non-starter in the U. S. That being said, I applaud companies for providing the broadest possible variety of avenues through which prospective employees can apply. The practice of some organizations of only accepting applications through their websites, or — worse yet — their Face Book page can “screen out” some otherwise-worthy candidates.

  2. If using a social media app will get more local employers to look at applications, I am all for it. Gone are those bygone days where you walked into a business who needs help and you could fill out a basic application at site. The vetting process could be done between first initial interview and second., unlike today where the computer scans all applications looking for certain key qualifications and eliminating some potentially good employees because they won’t get government credit for hiring. Employers of local businesses will only need to do hiring a certain times at a much slower pace than a big business.

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