100 Days of Feminist Ads

Feminism can be a loaded term. From people who believe it means that men and women are equal to people who believe women are superior, and everything between, saying you’re a feminist can conjure up a myriad of images about what you are. It’s not a term I personally like to use, but I’m in love with the Instagram project 100 Days of Feminist Ads.

Eileen Matthews, a copywriter, took up this idea as part of a 100 day challenge by Elle Luna. She took major products and changed their advertising to have a feminist or pro-woman slant. Some of them are fantastic.

woman slant. Some of them are fantastic.

To keep reading, click here: 100 Days of Feminist Ads

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5 thoughts on “100 Days of Feminist Ads

  1. Regarding gender-based pay inequities: “While almost all the disparities can be explained by personal choices….” Well, no, in studies in which the results were adjusted to correct for so-called “personal choices,” significant disparities still exist.

        1. And the episode is an interview with a Harvard professor.

          Yeah, it’s credible.

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