Don’t Let Running a Small Business Run Your Life

Running a small business can be challenging. Unlike at a big corporation, there aren’t thousands of other people to do the work—it’s you and a handful of others. As a result, many small business owners work constantly. While working hard is par for the course when running a small business, you’ll find your business and your life run better when you take a break.

Hesitant to step away for an hour to go to the gym or have a nice lunch away from your desk? Don’t be. Taking a full hour for lunch and managing your work-life balance properly can help you run a better business overall. In fact, stepping away from your desk—even for a short walk around the building or a cup of tea—can actually give you more stamina and fewer aches and pains. Here are three other reasons you should take a break:4

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Let Running a Small Business Run Your Life

  1. When you write that small business owners work constantly, all I can think is that truer words were never spoken. Every small business owner I know is a workhorse. I don’t know if they know how to be any other way.

  2. Work/life balance helps everyone maintain health and sanity. I cannot express how important this is to everyone in an organization.

  3. I can’t find the post now (I think it was on her facebook feed), but Rebecca Tracey at Uncage Your Business wrote about how she takes two months vacation a year. This was true even when she was starting out, and still true now that she has a six figure a year company.

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