How to Approach Your Own Life as if You’re Its CEO

I’m an advice column junkie. Carolyn Hax, though, stands above the rest of the advice givers and when she told someone, “Please promise me this: that you won’t marry anyone until you’re ready to approach your own life as if you’re its CEO,” I knew these were wise words for everyone. I’m not going to talk about marriage (although I agree with her advice on that), but I am going to talk about your work life. Are you your own CEO?

This doesn’t mean you have to run your own business. If you want to, and that’s what is best for you, perfect. Do that. But you can still be your own CEO even if you’re not working for yourself. What does that mean? Well, who is making the decisions?

Kristen Pressner, Global Head Human Resources for Roche Diagnostics, shared a story with me about returning to work after having her third baby.

She was feeling angry and overwhelmed with the long days and meetings at off hours, both early and late in the day. Working full time with a new baby and 2 toddlers at home can do that to you. But she asked herself: “Who am I mad at? I’m mad at [my company]. But who exactly? My boss?” no, she realized, “He’s been awesome. Who am I mad at? Walls, carpet? Then I realized: I’m mad at me–I have no boundaries.”

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