Iowa Company Accidentally Says No Americans Need Apply

Hiring in tech can be difficult, just like it can be in many fields, so why would you want to exclude the vast majority of people in the United States from your applications? American Technology Consulting ran a job posting on Zip Recruiter that had as it’s headline, “Java Developer – (H1B Only).” It spread pretty quickly across the internet. I found this from a reader who sent me this tweet from Sara Blackwell, President of Protect US Workers:

Unfortunately, though, American Technology Consulting didn’t write the ad. Tara Jose, President of ATC told me via email:

American Technology Consulting is committed to being inclusive in the recruiting of all of its consultants, employees, and candidates for any and all positions. Unfortunately a third-party vendor recently used language when posting an advertisement on our behalf that was inappropriate and absolutely unacceptable to American Technology Consulting. The concept of “H1B Only” is wholly contrary to our company’s values and the way we operate our business.

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5 thoughts on “Iowa Company Accidentally Says No Americans Need Apply

  1. I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night! 🙂 It’s hard to believe that a third-party vendor would insert that H1B condition on it’s own. It’s far more likely that ATC just got caught and blamed the vendor.

    1. If I had the resources to go to Iowa and dig through their emails and sneak around their exits and convince employees to give me the full scoop I would, but honestly, Iowa is not where I’d pick for a trip.

      Now, if this company was in Hawaii, I’d invite you to come with me and we could get to the bottom of this!

      1. It would probably be easier and faster to contact former employees. They know where all the bodies are buried and have no stake in it anymore.

  2. The “third part vendor” is highly likely to be based in India. Predatory staffing companies like ATC typically hire Indian “recruiting process outsourcing” (RPO) services that are basically candidate “sourcing” services that use resume harvesting services like JobDiva. They are really Indian outbound call centers rebranded as RPOs. See Global Valueless Chains on for a deeper look and actual digital forensics uncovering this predatory middle tier of staffing companies.

    1. Rob, I think you likely have the answer. Basically vendor translated the Indian job posting to English and either didn’t have ATC review it or whoever did was incompetent.

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