Barclays Puts Creepy Sensors to See Where All the Bankers Are

You’d be perfectly okay with your boss installing a monitoring device called “OccupEye” that can tell them when you’re at your desk and when you’re not, right? The fact that it has a creepy name doesn’t really help me feel comfortable about such a device.

Barclays just installed these sensors to keep track of when their bankers are sitting at their desks.Now, these monitors only track heat and motion so it’s not like they are tracking your actual performance or who is sitting and who is standing. Since they do a lot of hot-desking (that is, anyone can plug in anywhere), it doesn’t even monitor who it is that sits all day.

They say, according to an article in Bloomberg, the purpose is to see what spaces employees use. This information can then be used to lower space and energy costs–people can know what is truly being used.

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4 thoughts on “Barclays Puts Creepy Sensors to See Where All the Bankers Are

  1. If it doesn’t even tell you who’s sitting at which desk, I don’t really see a problem.

  2. It sounds not much different from motion detectors for when lights in a conference room could be turned off.

    But, I agree, management should tell folks the reason for them.

  3. If all they’re interested in knowing which spaces are being used, they can use existing logs of computer and phone use.

  4. I was terminated due to low performance over the last two years. We were out of our home due to wildfires. Unfortunately, I had put all of my files from the past 40 years of business onto the company server. Upon termination I was blocked from getting any of my files. My contract says the company owns everything on their server. I have not been allowed to go into the office and get my personal computer. What, if anything can I do to get my files and computer? Thank You Preston

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