Someone Sabotaged My LinkedIn Account

One of my readers had something horrible happen to her: a competitor hacked her LinkedIn account and then sent nasty messages to a bunch of her contacts. To make it even more difficult, after sending the messages, the hacker deleted the messages so my poor reader can’t tell who got a nasty message and who didn’t. If the person doesn’t respond, she may never know. She asked me “How do I undo the damage to my professional reputation?”

While I like to think that most people are good people (and I do believe this) there are definitely a few bad apples who will stop at nothing to destroy someone else.If you run afoul of such a person, heaven help you.

But, is this woman’s professional reputation destroyed? Probably not. Here’s what you should do to start to undo the damage an enemy can make.

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2 thoughts on “Someone Sabotaged My LinkedIn Account

  1. Good advice for anyone using LinkedIn. Problem is not the professional people who use LinkedIn but those who for some inane reason, think LinkedIn is just another social media outlet for sounding off regardless of the effects it has on others.
    LinkedIn does has ways to countermand this, mainly in how you allow viewing of your account. The more public the viewing, the more chances of getting someone to hack it. Why people do this doesn’t need discussion just prevention.

  2. I don’t know the mechanics of how this breach occurred, but I would also suggest NEVER clicking the “remember me” or “save password” options. It makes it easier for someone to get into your accounts. I know it’s a pain to remember a seeming infinite amount of usernames and passwords, but it’s worth the peace of mind, and prevention of latter hassles.

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