Dear ReWorker: I Was Ditched for a Doctor’s Appointment

I manage field sales reps. I flew in for a scheduled “field ride” with an employee and upon arrival she let me know that she had a “doctor’s appointment” and wouldn’t be available for the field ride.

I sat around the city all day long until meeting the employee for dinner at 6:00 that night, then I caught a flight that next morning. I never questioned the whereabouts or the all-day doctor appointment (maybe it is something serious, who knows?). Instincts tell me that the employee didn’t have a “doctor’s appointment” and is either working an additional job or has an interview with another company. Does that employee have to take an official day off?

To read the answer, click here: I Was Ditched for a Doctor’s Appointment

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4 thoughts on “Dear ReWorker: I Was Ditched for a Doctor’s Appointment

  1. Every so often we hear about someone monumentally bold, clueless or rude. This employee is all three. If she worked for me I’d be managing her right out of the business.

  2. I agree with Debra’s assessment of the situation. If the person who flew in for a scheduled time and is not accommodated by the person for whom they were expecting, is the supervisor ( ranking higher in position), then a written assessment of this behavior should be filed with HR.
    As far as changes to how they are paid, it gets tricky but if a medical slip is produced to explain absence, then sick/ personal time can be applied. But not knowing if this person is paid hourly versus salary also limits any changes to that time period. But most likely this person is used to coming and going into work as they desire at their pleasure.
    The only recourse is the written statement that will also detail that disregard for scheduled meetings will have further consequences, regardless of excuse given. ( Worded in a way that professional confers the point that short of dropping dead there’s no acceptable excuse)
    I am sorry if that comes across too tough but so people need to be told straight that they screwed up.

  3. “(If it ever happens again for a non-emergency, I will fire you.)

    I don’t understand this leeway. Does every infraction get a pass until it is repeated? The behavior shows such lack of understanding that I would not further trust that person.

    Was she stupid or rebellious? Either case is a firing offense.

    Prove it was an emergency, requiring an all-day absence, or be fired.

    Really? She waited around until 6 to have dinner? What sort of managment standards does the company have?

  4. Also, I would schedule yourself another flight ASAP. This person was trying to duck a ride-along with the boss– you are falling down on your job as a manager if you don’t dig into why she is avoiding accountability measures.

    At the very least her numbers, performance and work need a very careful comb-over, but best would be a surprise meeting, give yourself a few days in town and wait out her sick time bank if you have to, because she is hiding something.

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