Disability Employment: Breaking Down Barriers

The goal of disability employment is not simply to make you feel good for doing an act of service, but to hire someone who can be an asset to your business. That’s the same reason you hire all of your employees—because they are the best fit for the job.

“Individuals with Down syndrome can and do make valuable employees and are ready to work, but often lack the opportunity,” explained the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS). In honor of both Down Syndrome Awareness Month and Disability Employment Awareness Month taking place this October, here are some ideas from the NDSS’s guide to employing people with Down syndrome.

Provide Internships, Assessments, and Individualized Training

Many people tend to think of internships as something that college students do, but there’s no reason you can’t provide internships for adults of all ages. Your state should offer a program specifically designed for hiring adults with disabilities as interns, starting in high school. This may be a useful place to start.

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(Yes, I realize it’s already November. Sorry!)

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  1. Especially at first, be extra-vigilant to detect — and address — any bullying from non-disabled co-workers.

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