Want to Get Fired? Have an Office Romance.

I’ve stated before that sexual harassment isn’t a dating problemit’s a power problem. This power problem is why you should have strict rules about managers dating subordinates. And by strict rules, I mean it should be absolutely, positively forbidden. But, romance between peers or people in departments that don’t interact and don’t have hire/fire authority over each other has been something the company should allow.

Maybe not.

Challenger, Gray, and Christmas conducted a survey of 150 Human Resource executives and found that one-third of office romances ended with somebody being fired. Not quitting, mind you, fired. Another 17 percent resulted in a transfer and 5 percent resulted in a lawsuit.

So, more than 50 percent of office romances end with pretty awful consequences, which creates a burden on the company. So, maybe just a thought, your team company party idea where you do an in-house “Bachelor” game is probably a bad idea.

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3 thoughts on “Want to Get Fired? Have an Office Romance.

  1. I’ve witnessed 6 manager-staff relationships and all ended badly. In the first case both the manager and staff member were fired, the staff member was fired in 2 cases, staff member was forced to quit in another case, staff member blackmailed the manager and both were fired, and in the last case the relationship ended awkwardly and both parties still work for the company and make it uncomfortable for everyone. Seven years later and it’s still uncomfortable.
    If a staff member thinks it’s a good idea to date a manager, or a manager thinks it’s fine to date a staff member then I have one work for them: Tinder. There are a million other people you can date and you only need to find one.

  2. I have worked in HR 14 years. Funny enough I met my husband at work. The moment I realized our relationship was more than friends I notified my manager. We have been happily married for over 6 years. I did leave the company, because it is inappropriate for HR to date employees. Even though this worked out positively for me, I always recommend others to look outside of work for love.

  3. Actually these are things natural so we cant control ourselves but most important thing that if you are in good relationship and want to carry on in future but working in same company becoming more awkward try to get new job and continue your relation in positive way otherwise carry on your job and move from relation as vice versa.

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