Just When You Thought Team Building Couldn’t Get Worse, Here Comes Cuddle a Co-Worker

Team building events can be good, mediocre, and bad, but until yesterday I hadn’t heard of one that I found completely horrifying. Joanna Holman tweeted this:

Unless you have a strong stomach, don’t click. And if you do, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Because I did.

They give some science info about oxytocin and that’s all fine and good. I love science. I still do not want to cuddle any coworker. Ever. Here’s how it works:

 During the day co-workers will be required to cuddle each other in a variety of different positions and will need to switch partners every two hours – so that you have a chance to bond with everyone.

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18 thoughts on “Just When You Thought Team Building Couldn’t Get Worse, Here Comes Cuddle a Co-Worker

    1. It must be. Really it must, but why would you want to get publicity with super dumb ideas?

  1. They’re pranking everyone. Or, it’s meant especially for companies whose entire employee base consists of Burning Man attendees??

  2. My reply to something like this would be what donkey dust are you smoking and why aren’t you sharing it instead of asking me to do something entirely against my personal preferences.
    I am a strong believer in keeping relationships at work at arms length and don’t take that relationship into my personal life. I am very surprised that a HR even thought that this would be a good idea.

  3. I thought this was satire at first. I don’t like even giving a quick friend-hug to my most favorite co-workers. Will one’s cuddling become part of their performance evaluation? And how are we defining cuddling? The quick pat and rub I give my kids….or the body-to-body spooning & rubbing I do with my lawfully wedded spouse. Where does it end?

    Heck, I’d get annoyed with two hours of cuddling with my own lawfully wedded spouse who I love to death. I can’t imagine two hours of co-workers on me. Ugh!

    1. Yep. My husband complains that I don’t want to cuddle. With him. The person I love most in the world after my blood family.

      I think I would rather walk over hot coals than cuddle with my co-workers.

  4. Well, that was good for a laugh!

    But, I do wonder just who they will get to apply for the “professional cuddlers” position? Now, THAT’s the person I’d worry about; especially since they are looking for folks with “experience”!

  5. NO! I’m a survivor of abuse by a peer in childhood and I have potentially deadly allergy by touch. SO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO – Do you want to put a plastic bag over your head and see if NOT BREATHING is a big deal or not NO!

    Several years ago I flat out refused to do an activity that just required hand holding. Everyone had been eating the chocolates many with peanuts most with peanut oil the workshop leaders had out on the tables. I had been fighting nausea from the smell of peanuts all day. The people at my table had removed all the candy with peanuts/peanut oil. I wasn’t going to be touched by anyone in that room. I have a very blunt personality when it comes to this stuff and a long history of speaking up for myself. Still, it took the male teacher on my team getting inches from the face of the leader and ordering her to let me leave the room to stop the garbage. On the upside, the district made no peanuts at workshops a rule.

    The last 7 times I’ve landed in an ER for allergic reactions it has involved either being touched by someone eating peanuts or touching a surface in a public area contaminated with peanuts. This is a potentially huge deal for me.

  6. I can see it now, having to explain to the wife that I didn’t want to cuddle with the young Cindy Crawford look-a-like at work for two hours – THEY MADE ME! honest. This is the worst idea since the employer that instituted Onionhead. No, I take that back. Onionhead makes more sense!

  7. Yeah, I hope this is satire. But if not, it’s against my religion! No seriously, as a religious Jew I don’t touch people of the opposite gender. So unless the office has an all-female staff, this would be along the lines of religious discrimination.

  8. This activity can’t be for everyone and definitely cannot be a forced one. They’re in a trail run with and still in studying with this activity. Let’s see how it goes.

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