Small Business Saturday: How Can You Prepare?

Small Business Saturday success can make a big difference for your business during the holiday season.

What is Small Business Saturday, exactly? Well, it’s the Saturday after Black Friday, which follows Thanksgiving. On this day, people are encouraged to do their shopping at small businesses rather than big chain stores. If you own a small business, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this event.

For starters, you can advertise, promote via social media, and work with other small businesses to try to get people in the door. But, there’s even more you can do to prepare for Small Business Saturday! Here are five ideas to consider.

1. Implement a Rewards Program

You may think this type of offering is only for coffee shops and dry cleaners, where you can get a complimentary coffee or clothing laundered for free after your tenth visit. But a rewards program can apply to any type of business.

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One thought on “Small Business Saturday: How Can You Prepare?

  1. If the small business owners offer a better shopping experience than a big box store, it is differently worth supporting the business. It does help to have an online site to connect with them year round. How else would I get my Cafe De Monde? I support several small independent bookstores who are designed by the authors I follow to get first edition books signed all over the US, plus they know exactly how I want the item shipped to me, being a repeat customer.
    A good customer relationship will sell the business.

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