How to Spot a Fake Glassdoor Review

It used to be that references only went one way–companies would call your former bosses, but you could never get a list of former employees that you could call to find out what the company is really like. Glassdoor changed all that. Now, you can easily find out what people are saying about any business.

However, while telephone references are pretty confidential and you can’t know what your former boss really said about you, anyone at the company can look at their Glassdoor reviews.

As a result, you have some companies encouraging or downright pressuring employees to leave positive reviews. And, of course, you have people who are bitter leaving fake negative reviews as well. So, how can you spot which reviews are real and which are fake?

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2 thoughts on “How to Spot a Fake Glassdoor Review

  1. Do you think employers asking employees to write reviews on Glassdoor is acceptable in any circumstance? In my experience, most happy employees don’t think to write a review for their company – they aren’t looking for other work, they haven’t left the company, and nothing is prompting them to write a review.

    1. In general, people who are unhappy about something are many times more likely to complain that those who are content.

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