Managing Your Managers’ Stress Levels

Business is hard and you need to make money. Sometimes things happen outside of your control or a new competitor pops up and what was easy before now becomes complicated. Lots of business owners put pressure on their managers to reach goals, right? Ask — no, demand — that they work hard, stretch and, if they must, put pressure on their team.

That’s how a lot of businesses operate, but there’s a problem: stressed-out managers are bad for everybody at the company. Here’s why you’ll be better off keeping stress down.

Stress Is Bad for Health

Stress can lead to all sorts of physical and mental health problems. From heart problems to depression, stress can be a key cause. When your managers are sick, they can’t perform at their highest level, and if the stress is really bad they may have to take time off. Employees who are out sick or need to take a leave of absence to deal with health problems are not going to make your business grow.

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One thought on “Managing Your Managers’ Stress Levels

  1. The biggest point covered in this article is the one labeled –setting realistic goals. We all love to keep achieving better than before but it has to be done realistically. There has to be a point in setting those goals where the logistics face reality. Just because a purchase was made by the company buyer, doesn’t guarantee success in the full company. Unless every part of the company is a mere clone of the CEO’s directives, every section has to have room to adapt to their situation. You can’t issue blank statements of directions. (In other words, you can’t use the I say so rule), as it creates high stress

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