The Benefits of Employee Assistance Programs

Every employer knows that employees want health insurance and a retirement plan, but employee assistance programs are also very important, even if you’ve never heard of them. What are employee assistance programs (EAPs)?

Basically, an employee assistance program helps employees solve non-work problems. They can provide assistance with finances, legal issues, and even marriage problems. Depending on the EAP, employees can receive referrals to counselors or discounted services or even a limited number of free appointments with a counselor, attorney or another person who can help the employee through a difficult situation. EAPs should be confidential and only provide general information to the company—not details on who called for what. If the EAP cannot provide that level of confidentiality, find a new provider.

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One thought on “The Benefits of Employee Assistance Programs

  1. They can be even cheaper – our is provided as part of our LTD coverage. Not truly free (nothing in life ever is), but my org couldn’t afford it otherwise.

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