Employee Time Tracking 101 for Managers

Late last year, I did a webinar for BeeBole on Time Tracking. They just got a copy up on the internet and it’s free! So, go ahead and watch.

What you’ll learn from this 60-minute webinar:

  • Why your company should be tracking employee time
  • How to set effective and realistic time tracking goals
  • Tips for smooth implementation and compliance
  • How to motivate and show your team the value of time tracking
  • Different time tracking techniques and alternatives
  • Best practices for collecting, organizing, and utilizing your data

Click here to watch: Employee Time Tracking 101 for Managers

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3 thoughts on “Employee Time Tracking 101 for Managers

  1. Hi Suzanne…Your webinar regarding Employee Tracking and the topics covered are very informative.please share some information regarding Employee Engagement.Looking forward for your Reply.Thanks in advance.

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