How Embracing Kintsugi Can Help Improve Your HR Department

So many people have responded to the KonMari Method™ that thrift stores are overflowing with stuff. And people are responding to the idea of only keeping what “sparks joy” to such an extent that people are applying it to everything in their lives, including their businesses. If that annual planning meeting doesn’t spark joy: it’s canceled. Bob in accounting is super annoying: he’s fired. 

We only want a joy-filled life! This makes perfect sense. But there’s another Japanese concept that deals with things that no longer sparks joy: Kintsugi. Kintsugi is the “art of precious scars.” When something breaks, you put it back together with gold at the seams. You don’t try to hide the fact that your beautiful bowl broke, but you do make the repaired bowl even better than before because now it’s filled with gold.

So, instead of simply throwing out what is broken and no longer sparks joy, let’s talk about putting things back together with gold to improve your Human Resources department, making it even better than before.

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One thought on “How Embracing Kintsugi Can Help Improve Your HR Department

  1. Thank you for explaining Kintsugi, a concept of which I was previously unaware. As an elderly individual with a disability, I have visible scars, and the idea that evidence of repaired brokenness can be beautiful is much needed and appreciated.

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