Hiring is Broken at Other Companies (But It Doesn’t Have to Be at Yours)

As a Human Resources Geek, many of my friends are also in HR, and I hang out in lots of HR groups. One of the things that fascinate me is the disconnect between how we see ourselves and how we see things when we’re on the other side of the table.

We talk about putting employees first and streamlining things and making quality onboarding processes that make life awesome. And then, someone will go looking for a new job, and it’s almost always a completely messed up process. Invariably one of the following happens:

If this is happening to HR people–the people who (theoretically) run the recruiting process, how terrible must it be for everyone else?

Your business doesn’t have to be like this. You can be better than this. Here’s how.

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2 thoughts on “Hiring is Broken at Other Companies (But It Doesn’t Have to Be at Yours)

  1. Evil —

    Clear, concise, simple, to the point … and very, very helpful.

    For example, I’ve interacted with several people over the past few years who have complained about going through 5, 10, or even more face-to-face job interviews (and these for mid-level positions) and I have to think … Are you nuts? After the 3rd, or possibly 4th for a CEO position (I said possibly), isn’t it clear that the company is waving a huge red flag and holding up a well-illuminated sign that reads, YOU REALLY DON’T WANT TO WORK HERE!!!

    Again, this is so simple and so helpful … please consider publishing it annually.

    1. My husband interviewed for an entry level maintenance role at a major hospital group. He had a phone screen + 3 in person interviews over 12 months! The final interview was with a panel of 5 executives! In an organization of 8,000 employees, why does the president of the division need to interview and approve the hire of an entry level position?
      Oh, and then they ghosted him.

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