How Small Businesses Can Address Employee Lawsuits

While major corporations tend to have large, dedicated legal teams to protect them from employee lawsuits, small businesses rarely have those kinds of resources. But small business legal advice doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive just because you can’t afford a full legal team. Here’s what you need to know.

Prevention Is Key to Avoiding Lawsuits

Employee lawsuits are a risk from the moment you hire your first employee, even if that person is your best friend or brother-in-law. Consider hiring an employment lawyer to help you establish policies and create an employee handbook right from the outset. Then follow that handbook. There’s plenty of flexibility in how you want to run your business — just have it down on paper and doubled-checked by an expert.

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One thought on “How Small Businesses Can Address Employee Lawsuits

  1. Any smart small business owner should have a handbook for employees, plus an employment lawyer on retainer, because you never know especially in this age of political correctness judgment.

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