3 Tips to Better Manage Your Remote Employees

Back in the dark ages, when everyone had to come into the office all the time, you could walk around and glare at employees if they weren’t working hard enough. And what could they do, go work at the neighboring coal mine?

That was before we cared all that much about employee happiness and the employee experience. Then we walked around, making sure people were happy and focused on their work. We could see when Jane was never at her desk and when Steve was always in the office kitchen. We could detect unhappiness before it exploded (Or, at least, we like to imagine we could).

But today? Forty-three percent of American workers work at least some of the time remotely. Eighty-two percent of workers want to work at least some of the time remotely. People love it. But, how on earth do you operate as an employee relations specialist when you have no direct relationship with the employees? 

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3 thoughts on “3 Tips to Better Manage Your Remote Employees

  1. After laughing hilariously at the pun about the “dark ages” when supervisors constantly walked around the area and glared at workers to get them to perform the job, I have to comment on this article. Obviously, this article is geared toward HR people in giving suggestions on how to maintain contact with the employees for the company when they have either all remote workers or a combination of in-office and remote workers. Us regular employees just need to do our jobs and know-how to contact HR for those times when we have to, besides making sure we get our paychecks delivered to us properly.

  2. These work well even with onsite employees. HR is often only coming out to tell us that the raise will only be 1% this year and that our health premiums are going up 10%.

  3. Very educative read. I have always wondered how people manage remote employees. Thanks for this. Sure to implement this approach one day.

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