Don’t Feel Sorry For Tommy Callaway, the Butt Slapping Jogger. He Chose Bad Behavior

Runner Tommy Callaway slapped WSAV-TV anchor Alex Bozarjian on the behind while Bozarjian was on live television covering the fun-run that Callaway was running in.

You can see it for yourself:

This includes an interview with Callaway, where he says he was trying to wave at the camera and got “caught up in the moment.”

Here’s the thing: Bozarjian’s behind was nowhere near where you would put your hands if you wanted to wave at the camera. If he accidentally smacked her in the head, I would buy that as an explanation. Maybe. I don’t buy it.

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9 thoughts on “Don’t Feel Sorry For Tommy Callaway, the Butt Slapping Jogger. He Chose Bad Behavior

  1. I am livid that CBS decided to give this person a pass and a plaform. If I had been there, and “gotten carried away” and punched him, I’d have been arrested.

  2. When I watched the whole “I was aiming for her back and missed” response, I felt embarrassed/enraged that the guy couldn’t own up to it. No one believes that he missed, get real. It just shows that he didn’t think he did anything wrong.
    Better response: “It was a bad move. We act like this at training, and since everyone does it, I never really thought about it. It took the whole world to embarrass me and teach me the lesson that this kind of behavior is belittling and inappropriate. I hope others can learn from this.”

  3. I can’t believe he assaulted her on TV and then tried to play the victim. Did you see her face. She was mortified. Her reaction spoke volumes. I hope she is ok. A perfect example of being harassed in the work place. I am just shocked.

  4. Oh heck no. I’m not even sorry.

    I run. And like so many women runners, the runs where at minimum I’m catcalled or have obscene wishes thrown in my direction completely out number the ones that don’t. It doesn’t matter a whit what I wear or where I run. Apparently I’m open season because I dare to be out there.

    I’ve been grabbed at and I’ve been chased. Even when running with a partner. W.T.F.? Why is this acceptable?

    And to give this tool a pass on TV? It just gives every other tool out there the impetus to keep it up.

  5. Give him no pass on his unacceptable behavior. If he did that on live TV, who knows what he does when there’s no camera. He certainly should be documented (in writing) at his place of work so that there a record of this behavior. As to questioning any female staffers, I don’t feel HR should do this as a one to one questioning but as a company-wide notice under sexual harassment notification, which is supposedly required by law yearly and as needed, with an added notation to encourage privacy to anyone with any type of harassment reporting, If this company is one of those small “old-boy” company with the token females, HR should handle this situation with the right approach to cover the liability to the company and not tolerate any future activity of this type. His written notice should be a final notice stating that he will be terminated if any report comes forth. Any past digressions reported should be held in writing in his file as backup in case he continues the behavior.
    As for CBS and their response, they did give the reporter a chance to show this on live TV instead of editing it out in coverup, which means that tape is on file.

  6. It’s now being reported that Calloway’s being criminally charged, as well he should be.

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