What HR Professionals Should Be Doing in the Midst of a Hiring Freeze

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies across sectors have implemented  hiring freezes and paused active talent recruitment efforts. While these measures immediately impact HR operations, they also provide space for recruiters and other talent management professionals to rethink their approach to engaging with new potential candidates—and maintaining contact with people they were in the process of evaluating for open job opportunities.

Regardless of whether or not your company has implemented a hiring freeze, adopted a slower pace, or is actively recruiting, you may find yourself with an opportunity to focus on learning and development to improve your recruitment efforts. Here are five things HR professionals should consider during a hiring freeze. 

Finding Future Candidates (Honestly)

Don’t be the recruiter who sends out emails and LinkedIn messages advertising jobs that aren’t actively available. It’s a deceitful and unfortunately common practice, and can tarnish a professional relationship with future candidates. Instead, work to connect with people who may be a good fit for your company—someday. And be honest about your goal; don’t hide the fact that conversations are exploratory.

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One thought on “What HR Professionals Should Be Doing in the Midst of a Hiring Freeze

  1. Half the problem of job search in today’s present situation is finding the potential jobs, without having to deal with the computer screening that actually rejects excellent candidates because it only qualifies those who know the cheat system to put their resume name up top. There should be a secondary browser program that emphasizes skills over keywords. Basically HR should not be just circular piling resumes, they really should be evaluating the resumes better.

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