4 Tips for Better Workplace Investigations

There have been some big headline news stories recently about the humble job of an employee relations person. Did you miss them? You probably didn’t — -just didn’t think about how HR and employee relations plays a significant role and could have made a real difference, especially in one area: Investigations.

For instance, McDonald’s CEO resigned after an improper relationship with an employee. They are back in court because she wasn’t his only paramour, and there were some sketchy stock transfers. This should have all come out in an investigation, but they didn’t bother to look at his emails.

Another hot case involved the cooking experts and YouTube stars of Bon Appetit. Employees charged racial discrimination, and the editor in chief ended up resigning.

Who takes care of things like this? Your investigative geniuses in employee relations. Properly and promptly done workplace investigations could have saved these big name companies from embarrassing press coverage. Here’s how to use investigations to make your business a better place to work–where people feel comfortable being there.

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  1. I’d be hesitant to proactively recommend a PIP for the employee who complained of their manager’s micromanaging them, unless the manager is clearly at the end of their rope. From the employee’s standpoint, that’s going to feel like retaliation for their complaining to HR, and — let’s face it — employees often think that HR always sides with management anyway.

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