The Real HR Show: Covid 19 Claims Update

Learn what’s going on in the world of Covid based lawsuits. And plus, a couple of questions about resignations and job interviews.

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2 thoughts on “The Real HR Show: Covid 19 Claims Update

  1. As someone who wears the HR hat in a small business I truly enjoy these shows, although much of it doesn’t apply to us!

    If nothing else on the days when I’m annoyed by my coworkers it’s a reality check that their little foibles aren’t really all that bad. Except for that one guy who can’t throw away the empty paper towel core in the kitchen when the recycle bin is right next to the counter where sits the paper towel holder. Seriously, it’s a shorter distance to drop into the recycle bin instead of just laying it 6′ away at the other end of the counter.

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