The Real HR Show: It’s 2021 and Election Results

What’s going to change for HR people when Biden takes over? What happens if Trump manages to get the 12th amendment invoked and pulls out a late win?

This is not a political post–we don’t do politics on the Real HR Show, but we do talk about how political changes will affect your day to day HR.

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One thought on “The Real HR Show: It’s 2021 and Election Results

  1. I always assume blue leadership will necessarily lead to more employee-friendly regulation, so whenever a democrat is in office I brace myself for a lot of new legislation to come down and a tightening of existing legislation. When red leadership is in office I expect to see less new employment legislation overall.

    I expect one of Biden’s early acts will be to roll back Trump’s executive order around diversity training in government and government contracting organizations. It’s even possible he and his team may go a step further and require MORE in diversity training than was previously required or recommended.

    As of today it’s expected that employers will be able to require most employees to take the Covid vaccine once available. I’ll be quite interested to see if that will change under Biden.

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