Dave Ramsey Fires People for Premarital Sex. Can You?

Imagine: You find out you’re pregnant, and you excitedly go to the Human Resources Department to ask for your Family Medical Leave Act paperwork, and instead, you get fired. 

 Caitlin O’Connor claims this happened to her at Ramsey Solutions, the company run by financial guru Dave Ramsey. Ramsey solutions claim they fired her for premarital sex, not for getting pregnant. Firing a woman because she’s pregnant is a clear violation of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. O’Connor wasn’t married to her partner, the baby’s father, in what the company maintains was a violation of its “righteous living” policy.The question here is can you fire someone for having premarital (or extramarital) sex?

The answer? Maybe, but you’d be hard-pressed to find someone to recommend it.

To keep reading, click here: Dave Ramsey Fires People for Premarital Sex. Can You?

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6 thoughts on “Dave Ramsey Fires People for Premarital Sex. Can You?

  1. Interesting that the company was nominated for Best Workplace 2020 by Inc. Didn’t they also have a “We’re not the type of company where people work from home, we understand if you choose to resign” policy last year?

    1. At the bottom of the article, Inc. states that they removed the company from their list.

  2. Why did he continue to work for more than two years after Ramsey knew about his adultery?

    I expect that to be the question that sinks Ramsey in court. You can claim to have a policy about employee behavior off the job, but if you don’t enforce it consistently then plaintiff’s lawyer is going to cast well-founded doubt that violation of the policy is the real, or only, reason for the firing.

  3. So everyone at Dave Ramsey’s company was a virgin until married, and/or is fully compliant with their so-called “righteous living” (AKA sanctimonious hypocrisy) policy? Not a chance in hell. In addition to violating the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, they’re probably also guilty of FMLA interference.

    1. Well I mean it is women who are at fault here for sure because we tempt men beyond their ability to resist. That’s why it’s only women who are punished under this policy – we’re the ones who deserve it.

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