Scaling Employee Relations as Your Organization Grows

Startups are exciting: Five, ten people–all wearing multiple hats and working long hours, with the dream of making their fortunes.

But, if your business grows and moves outside the garage where your founders began, you need to start thinking about scaling everything—including employee relations. And when your scaling goes global, that’s a huge change which requires a lot of thoughtful planning.

For instance, let’s think about employee relations. Company culture changes as you grow, and expanding globally presents additional challenges.

From minuscule to tiny

When you have a minuscule company with five people, everyone knows everyone else. Frequently, people who join a startup at this level have known each other from previous jobs and know how to interact with one another in a way that fits with the attitudes and comfort levels of these people. You have a good idea of whether these colleagues will think your joke is funny or rude.

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