Do You Ever Wish Managers Would Listen to HR?

Have you ever had the following experience as an HR person?

1. You see a problem forming on the horizon. You research the correct response.
2. You sit down with the leadership team and say, “We need to do X.”
3. Everyone ignores you. They do Y. Or they do nothing.
4. It all goes to hell in a handbasket.
5. Everyone comes to you and say, “how come you didn’t see this coming? We should have been out in front of this?”
6. You bang your head on the table. (Metaphorically)

This is a common scenario in the life of HR. I once had this happen in a spectacular fashion and fixing the problem caused all sorts of problems and a lot of political capital was spent.

I hate it. And, so I’ve put together information on how to get people to listen to you the first time. Is it 100 percent effective? Of course not. Some people will always ignore good advice. But is it highly effective? Absolutely.

Come join me in Baltimore on July 19, Dallas on July 21, or Provo on July 22 and learn How to get them to listen the first time, along with Brenda Neckvatal who will talk about the importance of being intentional.

Click here to register: Winning in HR

Image by Deedster from Pixabay

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4 thoughts on “Do You Ever Wish Managers Would Listen to HR?

  1. Loved the kitty picture. Proved the point of what people pay attention to. Don’t bang your head too hard when people aren’t listening, as HR presentation is not considered stimulating enough to today’s listeners who are multiple-tasking but not concentrating on anything.

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