5 recruitment and retention strategies that actually work

The Great Resignation continues to march on through American businesses and will most likely strike your business. However, the hope is that you can use this to recruit fabulous new people while focusing on retaining your top talent at the same time.

That means you need to focus on recruitment and retention strategies that actually work. Flip that and focus first on retention and then on recruitment. If you can retain your employees, that reduces the work you have to do to recruit new ones.

And remember that good recruitment also means fewer problems with retention. Getting the right people into the right jobs impacts your retention in a way that a specialized program never can.

Here are five ideas that will work.

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7 thoughts on “5 recruitment and retention strategies that actually work

  1. I can see why you are the EVIL HR LADY. Your off-base generalization about outsourced recruitment is more than a little offensive. Have any generalizations about people, races, countries, cultures or professions?

    Your comment is xenophobic. I understand these are your opinions but I think what you think and what your report to others as being fact need some close examination. I know of many fine people and excellent outsourced recruiters that do not live in the US and deliver outstanding results that some in-house recruiters would be incapable of delivering upon.

    Very disappointing to hear a profession and groups of people stereotyped the way you have. I am sure you are capable of more professional and responsible words and actions.

    1. This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with time zones, culture, and pay. Do you think someone sitting in a cube across the world making $2 an hour (if that), working in the middle of the night, understands your company culture? Of course not.

      1. Sorry to push, but your ignorance is showing again.

        Independent recruiters do not make $2/hour if they are good independent recruiters. Some people work US hours from places like the Philippines, India, China and Vietnam. These recruiters earn US wages for quality work results. Some US independents and in-house recruiters use services to source but the screening and culture fit can be done by someone with the skill to do that well. They may use lower-cost resources to do the foundational work of recruitment.
        Consider that you may not cut your own grass or clean your own house because that work is capable of being done by someone other than you. But when it comes to landscape decisions or decorating you are in charge. This is a comparison to sourcing and recruiting. Sourcing is one step in the process. Don’t confuse foundational work with the cultural assessment work you are suggesting needs to be done by a professional.

        And sorry, I read your comment again and it was xenophobic. So is your follow-up comment. By the way, people outside of your home country have no control of the time zones around the globe. They typically flex to work in the time zone of valued clients. I do not believe that makes them inferior in understanding client expectations and needs.

        1. You pretty much nailed it with “earn US wages for quality work results”.

          Unfortunately for typical corporate drones worldwide I do kind of get where the evil HR lady is coming from. The companies I worked for haven’t outsourced HR functions (yet!) but for the outsourced functions that I have encountered, the company is generally content with paying them peanuts, regardless of work quality.

          Those employees then view the role as temporary while they find something more worthwhile so they won’t need to worry about work quality as they’ll be long gone by the time it comes back to bite them. Usually turnover is massive. “Sorry for taking so long, but I just started last month and I am trying to wrap my head around the chaos here. My boss can’t help either as he started two weeks ago” is a depressingly common refrain.

          To a large extent, I don’t blame these employees and the companies deserve what they pay for.

          Two specific examples I have encountered on how outsourcing probably ended up costing the company more:

          1) My company outsourced the expense reimbursement to a “low cost country”, and expenses were taking as long as 6-months to process. This was particularly problematic for the sales staff as they did a lot travelling. Morale took a hit was a given and we were also aware of more than a few cases of employees engaging legal representation who then left as soon as they got their money back. A funny story we heard was once a senior executive happened to be in that country and decided to pay a “friendly” visit to the expense reimbursement team. So he went over with a metaphorical gun and found…. nobody. They didn’t even bother turning up to work…
          Granted this was to a large extent a teething process but still…

          2) This is a household name European headquartered company that outsourced its data entry process to another low cost country. Long story short, the data quality generated was slightly better than having a cat walk across the keyboard. The end result is that all the expensive European and US staff spent most of their time sorting out the data quality issues rather than the high value analysis that they were supposed to be doing.

          1. Thanks Tan Kai Chang.

            As with all work, there is high-quality output and there is low-quality output. My point is that work can be done well by people living in countries outside of the US/Canada/Europe. It is racist to say that all people outside of these counties are earning $2 per hour and work in a cube in the middle of the night.

            I personally know people in 20 or more countries that do great work and some have learned how to do it for a North American or European client base so that they can earn on par with their American or European counterparts.

            A great pastry chef in India can be equally talented to a great pastry chef in New York. A great artist in China can be equally talented to a great artist in Paris. Can we judge people for what they do versus what they look like or what nationality they are? It is 2021…let’s end racism and bigotry.

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