13 Holiday Gifts and Parties Your Remote Employees Want

We’re officially in the fourth quarter, so that means that if your business is giving out holiday or year-end gifts, now is the time to shop. But, we still have a lot of people working from home. What do remote workers want? Besides a bonus, of course. Everyone wants money. But sometimes presents and parties are fun too.

Well, this is a good question, so I asked HR managers and employees what their companies did last year that everyone (well, almost everyone!) liked. After all, you don’t want to end up on the horrible gift list.

  1. We sent gift cards to all inside a beautiful card. A note telling them we will all be together again and celebrate one day, but for now, please use this how you’d like and know how much you are appreciated.

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    Thanks for such an amazing post!

    It’s a headache to think about all the gift ideas for employees every year. This post has got some really mind-blowing ideas that can be a life-saver!

  2. I’m fully into the concept of giving employees gift cards, as opposed to the employer trying to figure out the best gifts. The best holiday gift I ever got from an employer was when a prior manager at my Federal agency let every employee pick out what they wanted from Amazon, up to a certain dollar limit. We had a large staff, and there was nothing in the budget for this, so she was paying for everything out of her own pocket. It was fun shopping, everyone got what they wanted, and it was obvious that the manager was “putting her money where her mouth was” in terms of employee appreciation. That was before COVID, so no one was working remotely. We had an actual, in-office, party — it was, really, more like a staff meeting — at which we ate goodies and sang Christmas songs, led by a couple of very talented singers among our co-workers. Looking back on it, the “party” was kind of lame, but everyone was happy with their gifts.

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