Webinar– The Future of Drug Testing: What Every Employer Should Know 

The Future of Drug Testing:

What Every Employer Should Know

Wednesday, January 12th at 2pm CT

1 Hour SHRM and 1 Hour HRCI Credit
Special Presenter Bill Current!

Join Bill Current, founder of the Current Consulting Group, voted the #1 recognized consulting firm in the drug testing industry, for a timely and informative presentation on what every employer should know about the future of drug testing.


  • The five most important things to consider when drug testing in 2022 and beyond.
  • Current drug testing trends, including which drugs to test for and the importance of detecting recent drug use in marijuana-friendly states.
  • How the only three drug testing methods approved by the federal government compare to each other.
  • How to strengthen the legal defensibility of a workplace drug testing program.
  • How to measure a drug testing program’s return on investment.

To Register, click here: The Future of Drug Testing: What Every Employer Should Know


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3 thoughts on “Webinar– The Future of Drug Testing: What Every Employer Should Know 

  1. How about we just stop doing this except for jobs with tangible safety concerns? It’s a waste of money, can have a disproportionate impact on Black and brown people (https://time.com/6103798/workplace-drug-testing/), and is an invasion of privacy. Some foods and over-the-counter medications can trigger false positives. And I shouldn’t have to share my health info with some stranger so they can watch me pee in a cup.
    If you have an employee coming to work impaired, then you need to actually manage and deal with it appropriately.

  2. What Elizabeth said, exactly. An absolute waste of time and money. I know a lot of brilliant people making ~$200k a year plus who occasionally use drugs recreationally. It’s funny that we accept this from educated people working in tech and finance but terminate people who work for fast food companies or at grocery stores. And yes, it all has racist roots.

  3. I find it funny that you want my vaccination status though. And before you say it affects you, we all know we are past that now. The vaccinated can give and get, and in Ontario Canada that seems to be truthfully reporting now, more vaccinated are in the hospital than non. Can we keep people out of our health now please?

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