Salary transparency: Good thing for employees – and employers?

We don’t discuss three things: Money, politics, and religion. I’ll leave the politics and religion for another article, but we really should talk about money – specifically, salaries.

How taboos change

Can you recommend a therapist? Have you had therapy?

Those questions would have been shocking and rude in previous times, but Gen Z has no problem talking about mental health and seeking therapy or medication. How did this happen?

Very Well Mind theorizes, “Gen Z has grown up in a world where it’s normal and considered natural to get treatment for psychological problems. They don’t know any different, and so they don’t attach any bad feelings to speaking about it.”

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2 thoughts on “Salary transparency: Good thing for employees – and employers?

  1. I almost I didn’t look closely, but I didn’t see any salaries posted on Evil HR Jobs.

  2. I work for an agency of the United States Federal Government. Therefore, anyone who knows my name and agency can look up my salary, which is a matter of public record. Nevertheless, a few years back, when I worked in my agency’s law department, one of the managers — who was an attorney — forbade his employees from disclosing their salaries. This manager litigated NLRB cases, so he had to know that his demand was illegal, not to mention ridiculous, since every employee there could, freely, look up everyone’s pay, including his.

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